You can find a new android application from Cyklodev !

It’s an application about the E-liquid (E-Juice) with info and tools :

  • Convert nicotine rate from regular to e-cigarettes
  • DIY material
  • PG/VG calculator
  • English / French translation

Get it on Google Play

If you want more tools inside just let a comment. Give it a try and stop smoking ;)

Simple reversible encryption

Last year i had to reverse engineering a php file that contain strange code inside and eval().
After digging inside the obfuscation process i write one for bash without any requirement and supporting a loop process. It work simply by combining base64, hex and gz compression.

You can find the code on my github.

Encryption is simple :

./2enc 2 www.cyklodev.com
### Loop 0 
### Loop 1 

Decryption work with the same number of loop :

./2dec 2 'H4sIALIZm1MAA02PzQ4CIQyEXwlZ9gVMrxwgwQSu2ATd9ezq0zt1MPHQtOl80x+VFFSiU+lvlbQiDpV8Z30ZKm2Dbr2NmkV8gnfsF/iKI5sfKhXzysK6e/h3ePzkoHXbgboZCy6+VK6DMwq4PMiabr268h6b973NMjx1MrbX5iSw6cT97UamB/5h/xV46zG1MO8En/fpn79Vz57tjgt96S/O41d/AOFiUdA8AQAA'
### Loop 0
### Loop 1

Put nothing behind for usage

 Usage ./2enc [number of loop] '[string]'
If spaces in string protect it with quotes
Warning big data after loop 5

As said just upside, it’s really heavy after more than 5 loop even for small source.