How to submit your plugin on

After submitting some of my plugins i will explain you the submitting process of a plugin on our beloved plateform !

First of all you will need to create an account by following this register link.

The plugin must respect some rules on it structure, for this i have made an empty plugin on my github : wordpress-plugin-minimal .

In few words :

  • You must complete the index.php with your infos
  • You must have an readme.txt file  with the same infos

When your satisfied with you plugin functionality you can submit it to WordPress by following this link.

You will have to give the plugin name, the description and an online link where WordPress’s reviewers can download you plugin in a zip file.

Be warned ! The plugin name cannot have the word “wordpress” or any offending word !!!

Once the plugin is submit you need to wait an email from the team after they reviewed your code to check compliance to them rules and some security checks.

The email will tell you if your plugin is accepted, if it’s the case they will open a svn repository to you with your credentials. You will find a nice guide they write to use this repository.

If you want to add screenshot you will have to push the files in the asset folder.

That’s it ! You are now a plugin author, and your plugin will be in the official WordPress repository and shown in the plugin search in backoffice.


Cyklodev WP Settings in version 1.1.1 and starting a paypal integration plugin

My WP Settings plugin continue his life with some improvement on data validation. If you have any request for adding new functionality’s you can use this page.

In an other hand, i begin to write another plugin for a paypal integration on WordPress, and the first step is to include a donate button via a shortcode and a small front end widget.

Please be patient, it will soonly be publish.